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Your packaging does so much more than just protect your product. Through visual appeal and uniqueness, it can enhance your marketing strategy and even increase sales. With smart and effective packaging from our packaging design agency, you can convey your brand’s message, get customers excited about your product, and stand out from your competitors on store shelves.

Why Professional Packaging Design?

Truly effective packaging design is more than just visuals. It needs to not only drive sales at the stores, but also work with your manufacturing and distribution systems. With professional packaging design from the Montgomery County, PA-based search engine marketing agency 1SEOBCG, we’ll strike the perfect balance between form and function, all while getting your product noticed by potential customers.

Expertly-designed packaging design has a host of benefits, like:

Draw the Interest of Potential Customers

You already know that people make an immediate impression of a product based on how it looks. Having a creative design that stands out but also tells customers what to expect from the purchase is crucial to drawing their interest.

We not only offer landing page design for businesses, but we can also create an extraordinary design for your package that will let customers easily identify it, even when it’s on the shelf with your competitors’ products.

Continue Brand Identity

If you’re familiar with the expertise of our website design company, then you know 1SEOBCG can create a unified message for your brand, across all channels. With effective packaging design from our agency, we can continue that brand consistency and spread it to store shelves and aisles.

Boost Your Profit

One of the primary reasons to design or redesign new product packaging is to increase sales. With an investment in our agency’s packaging design services, you’ll get a high ROI from an enhanced shelf presence and increased likelihood customers will choose your product over a competitor’s. 


Custom Package Design

Your product represents your business and your packaging represents your product. It needs to showcase the quality and uniqueness of your brand and convey your message. In addition to our ecommerce development, 1SEOBCG utilizes a thorough discovery process that includes research on your company’s values, vision, and goals, to convey them all through sleek and highly-functional packaging.

Label Design

Labels aren’t just for telling your customers what’s inside the packaging — they also need to grab their attention and draw them in. You don’t want to get passed over for another brand at the point of purchase. Not only do we ensure that your label tells buyers what they need to know, but that it clearly represents your brand, identity, and high-quality product.


We know that when you’re a leader in your industry and you have a product that breaks the mold, it’s going to need some specialized packaging. We can create unique packaging for your product, to not only protect it but represent it in the best possible way.

We’ll work closely with you, developing prototypes through the package design creative process, all to ensure your amazing product gets the gorgeous and head-turning packaging it deserves.

Ready to represent your company, brand, and products with ingenuity and creatively-designed packaging? To learn more about our package design, PPC services, or other marketing solutions, contact our Montgomery County, PA agency today.



Rosenberger’s packaging design made in Montgomery County, PA


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A specialty meat company that wanted a fresh new look for their packaging.



Thank you for providing a ton of great ideas and premium design work. My new logo and brand is exactly what I had in mind.

Gary Cobb

You always manage to exceed our expectations while staying within budget. We look forward to many more years of working together.

Maryann Regan

What we liked about the Bergey Creative Group agency was their knowledge of the community and the passion, creativity and expertise they brought to the table to help us redesign and redefine one of the area’s most popular line of products.

Shawn Connor

Brilliant Creative. Your design work and imagination has helped to literally save the Wale! You have transformed an old, traditional looking company into a modern work of art. Thank you.

Wale Apparatus
Dennis Wargo