More With Less: How an Email Marketing Campaign Can Skyrocket Your ROI

Nov 25, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Tips

Once upon a time, advertisers bombarded their customers with television ads, radio spots, loud billboards, and full-page newspaper and magazine ads. Of course, that has not changed too much, but the effectiveness of these campaigns in the modern, technologically-advanced world has dwindled, only to be overshadowed by digital marketers using emails, social media, and web ads, and search engine optimization to acquire leads and produce a higher return on investment (ROI) for their businesses.

Out of all of these various marketing channels, emails have remained the clear winner. Emails are mostly free for customers and businesses, and they are still considered by many to be the most preferred method of communication for work, personal correspondence, and receiving brand updates. This preference is good for marketers for many reasons. As a leading pay per click advertising company in Montgomery County, PA, we at 1SEOBCG will elucidate on email marketing and how to correctly utilize those campaigns to boost ROI.

Give the People What They Want
As most experienced advertisers and marketers understand, pleasing customers is the only way to secure their business, not just once, but again and again. For instance: if a company sends out an email that addresses the recipient as “Dear Recipient” and goes on to list the company’s products and prices without a message or even a coupon, that email will fly first-class on the short flight to the trash can. Instead, it is essential that an email marketing campaign works for the customer as much as it works for the brand. Below are a few ways to make sure those emails are opened, read, and actively converting for the business.

Make them Feel Special

All emails should be personalized to the recipient. Trash the “Dear Sir or Madams,” and address the customer or potential client as a human being worthy of attention. Give them valuable coupons or offers, even if they only announce annual promotions. Thank you and follow-up emails are also excellent opportunities to show recipients that their business matters. It is just courteous customer service!

Do Not Send it to the Void

This suggestion may be obvious, but a successful email campaign does not go directly into the spam folder. This can be avoided by performing keyword and marketing research before using spam triggers in the body and subject lines of company emails. Also, make sure that the emails are optimized for mobile viewing — if the customer cannot read the email, they have a much higher chance of deleting it from their phones.

Keep Sending Newsletters

Contrary to popular belief, people want newsletters, especially when they actively request them. But, even when they do not sign up for one, a clean, concise, and interesting newsletter can engage customers to read on. Make sure that there are attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons and that the “unsubscribe” option is visible. A note about unsubscribe options: in a time of internet scams, people are wary of who is sending emails to them, and a missing unsubscribe link will only increase their skepticism. It also looks pushy and impersonal.

Friendly Reminders Go a Long Way

Customers love order status updates, so there is no point in not having this option available to them. From receipts and order confirmation messages to follow-ups and shipping/delivery notifications, each ping is a reminder of their order and of the company that cared enough to update them about it. Other highly successful strategies include shopping cart abandonment notifications and reorder messages. These emails may serve as a friendly nudge in the right direction.

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