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Your Customized 
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Why landing page design?

If you want to generate leads or sales for your business, then a well-designed landing page can be an effective way to drive an action from potential customers. Whether that action is to fill out a contact form, call your business, or any other lead, landing pages serve a very specific function. They help to funnel visitors from emails, social media posts, direct mail, or pay-per-click (PPC) ads to your site, and are among the most powerful marketing tools to have at your disposal. In short, if your business isn’t taking advantage of landing pages, then you’re missing out on new opportunities to reach more customers and add to your bottom line.

the trusted landing page design company in Montgomery County, PA, 1SEOBCG knows the value and importance of having a dedicated landing page for your business. In fact, there are a number of benefits to having a landing page, including

Directly Supporting Your Business Goals

If you’re trying to reach a new market, get new customers, or promote a new product, then a landing page can be perfect for your needs. It can not only be catered to your specific audience or any goals you set, but it also allows you to measure your success in attaining that goal.

Drive Conversions

A well-designed landing page can influence your visitors to take action. It helps to set up the action, and makes it clear and easy for them to take. This is also known as a conversion, and they can lead to more customers and more money for your business

Generate Insight Through Access to Data

When you incorporate a landing page into a specific campaign, content piece, or other source, you can clearly see which channels bring in the most leads, which campaigns are the highest performing, and which topics are of most interest. These insights can help you refine your campaign strategies to more closely match your target audience, leading to more influential marketing.

Additionally, our landing page design company performs A/B testing on our different landing pages elements to see what’s most effective and build on it. This way, we can compare different tones, styles, vocabulary, colors, copy, or media, and make the choices to maximize your results.

Enhance Paid Search Campaigns

As the area’s premier search engine marketing agency, we understand how to make the best use of PPC services. We also know that landing pages can influence click-through rates. By specifically designing a landing page for a PPC campaign, you can bring people to one singular page that contains the product or service they’re interested in, which in turn can drive conversions. This is significantly more effective than merely guiding visitors to a homepage with general information that isn’t geared towards a specific purpose.

Expand Your Email Database

Landing pages can be used for lead generation, driving phone calls, or requesting form submissions, turning them into leads. In fact, you can include a form on your landing page that asks for a visitor’s name, email, address, phone number, or company.

From these compiled emails and other information, you can send out newsletters, sales and promotional opportunities, and other announcements to keep your business front-of-mind to these consumers.

Increase Your Company’s Credibility

When a potential customer uses a landing page to facilitate their desired course of action, they appreciate the direction and ease-of-use, and will be more likely to purchase your goods or services. 

Increase Brand Awareness

As a website design company, 1SEOBCG understands that your landing pages need to match your company’s brand, and that their look, style, feel, and tone are consistent. When we design your landing page, we keep all these elements in mind, which result in improved brand awareness.

When someone reaches your landing page, they’ll be more familiar with your branding and recognize your business. Since customers are generally more likely to make purchases from companies they know, a brand-consistent landing page can be a valuable way to expand your brand and increase sales.

Custom Landing Page Design

Our landing page design company produces beautiful and effective landing pages, each one customized to fit your business’ specific needs and goals. We feature premium sales landing pages for the financial, health, and educational industries.

Our custom sales landing page design process includes:

  • Our “Triple-Read” copy review
  • In-depth demographic/audience review
  • Premium asset review and design
  • Overall style and theme presentation
  • Final layout, development, and testing

Located in Montgomery County, PA, 1SEOBCG features a host of digital marketing services, like landing page design and ecommerce development, all to help our clients get seen and heard, and to improve their bottom line.

Ready to get started on driving more conversions with a well-designed and effective landing page from 1SEOBCG? Contact us today to get started!



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Thank you for providing a ton of great ideas and premium design work. My new logo and brand is exactly what I had in mind.

Gary Cobb

You always manage to exceed our expectations while staying within budget. We look forward to many more years of working together.

Maryann Regan

What we liked about the Bergey Creative Group agency was their knowledge of the community and the passion, creativity and expertise they brought to the table to help us redesign and redefine one of the area’s most popular line of products.

Shawn Connor

Brilliant Creative. Your design work and imagination has helped to literally save the Wale! You have transformed an old, traditional looking company into a modern work of art. Thank you.

Wale Apparatus
Dennis Wargo