A Beginner’s Guide to Social Advertising

Oct 1, 2018 | SEO, Social Media, Tips

If you’re only using organic social media to promote your brand and expand your business, then you’re not getting the full picture. The trend is now utilizing paid social to get your content in front of customers. But as more businesses get in on this approach, you’ll need to be more tactical with your methods.

Social advertising has a host of benefits, like offering advanced targeting on multiple platforms. In short, this strategy needs to be in your marketing toolbox, if it isn’t already. At Bergey Creative Group, we can help you get started. Let’s take a look at paid social and how you can capitalize on it.

Why Paid Social?
It’s More Effective Than Organic
Even a quick glance at the digital landscape will tell you that the organic reach of almost every social media platform isn’t quite as broad as it used to be. By investing in social advertising, you can both increase your engagement and even experience a broader reach.

It Allows for Advanced Targeting
You can reach new customers with the advanced and granular targeting options that social media networks offer. For instance, Facebook allows you to select from almost 100 data points to target potential customers[1].

Which Platform Is Best for You?
There really is no one-size-fits-all approach to paid social. In fact, not every platform will be a good fit for your business. But the chances are, there will be at least one or two (or more) that will be ideal. But first, you need to know what type of ads they offer, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Let’s take a look at just some of the many options that are available, and some tips on how to use them effectively:

Facebook Ads
Photo Ads
They are perfect for showcasing new products, but be sure to show people engaged in using your product, not just an image of the product itself.

Video Ads
The ones with the highest completion rates are the shortest. You should aim for videos of 15 seconds or less.

Carousel Ads
These are great to showcase the different features of a product. Be sure to use them to create a compelling story.

Slideshow Ads
These ads offer video format that is easy to create and fast to load. They are excellent if your target market is likely to access the internet from a slow connection.

Instagram Ads
Photo and Video Ads
These will look like a regular Instagram post, apart from a “Sponsored” icon in the top right of the screen. Make sure they are consistent with your style, so customers will recognize your brand.

Carousel Ads
Make sure your images in a carousel ad are tied together by a common theme, especially visually.

Instagram Stories Ads
These 15-second ads can use photos or videos. And since they only last 24 hours, they’re ideal for limited-time or “act now” offers.

Twitter Ads
Twitter Promote
With this algorithm, Twitter automatically promotes your first ten daily organic Tweets to attract new followers. They claim these reach an average of 30,000 people per month[2].

Twitter Ad Campaigns
To get the best possible conversion rates, run separate campaigns for mobile and desktop. Also, don’t use hashtags or “@” mentions to prevent potential customers from clicking away.

snapchat Ads
Snapchat Ads Manager
You can create video or photo campaigns that appear between stories on the ap. Keep your video to five seconds or less for best results.

Story Ads
This approach contains anywhere from 3-20 Snaps, allowing you to do a deeper dive. It’s perfect for new products and offers.

linkedin Ads
Sponsored Content
These appear in the news feed, and can get your brand in front of a broader audience. Use headlines under 150 characters to ensure engagement.

Text Ads
These appear only to desktop users, and appear at the top and the right of the news feed.

pinterest Ads
Pinterest Ads Manager
Try running ads tied to a season or date-specific campaign, and use Pinterest’s DIY nature to your advantage when creating the ads.

Promote Button
You can use this button to create a Pinterest ad in under a minute. Simply select the Pin you want to promote and set your daily budget.

youtube Ads
In-Stream Ads
These ads play automatically before, during, or after other videos. A 12-second to three-minute video length is recommended.

Discovery Ads
These appear on the YouTube homepage, search results, and next to related videos. Users have to click your ad to begin viewing the video.

Bumper Ads
They play before, during, or after another video, but bumper ads cannot be skipped. These six-second videos are most potent with one visual message and a strong call to action.

At Bergey Creative Group, we can help you capitalize on this quickly-growing trend. By understanding your goals, you can be more strategic about your content selection, demographics, ad spend, and even post frequency. This all leads to increased visibility, lead generation, and ultimately, sales.  

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